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Joey Kurias
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  • Terrorism Within and Outside of...

    Research paper / Criminal Justise / Rookie/Sophomore / 13 pages

    The Boston bombings on April 15, 2014 happened near the Boston Marathon finish line and claimed the lives of 3 people and injured 260 more. The two terrorists were brothers suspected of being members of a Muslim radical group and had been recruited into terrorism online. One of the terrorists died during the attack while the second one is still...

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    2015-02-05 16:48:46

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  • Cathedral

    Essay (any type) / Literature / Rookie/Sophomore / 3 pages

    The author assumes that blind men do not smoke since they could not see the smoke that they were exhaling. This type of stereotype towards a blind man emanates from the fact that he is antisocial and did not take time to understand blind people. Instead, the author applies this stereotype that he had led from some article when judging Robert...

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    2015-06-09 17:00:25


    That was a day when you saved my life!

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  • Environmental Cost in Geographical...

    Research proposal / Geography / Undergraduate / 2 pages

    Environment degradation has caused a change in the weather in almost all parts of the word. This has even prompted the creation of environment bodies by United Nations to help in the preservation of the world’s precious resources that are provided by the environment. It has had negative effects on People’s health and business loss...

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    2015-02-16 17:20:55

    I am really surprised with the quality of writing!

    God bless you!

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  • The Global Consciousness

    Research paper / Sociology / Rookie/Sophomore / 2 pages

    At the time, British innovation had grown to the point that they recognized the importance of oneness in the global consciousness. As a result of this realization, the British made efforts to unify the world under their own worldview. It is with this in mind that Lord Macartney presented the emperor of china with gifts, two of which were of...

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