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Phil Rosentale
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  • Operations and Supply Chain...

    Coursework / Logistics / Master's / 14 pages

    Creating the right routes and full utilization of transportation capacity are as essential as investing in sophisticated software that provides robust capabilities for dynamically assigning routes. For instance, firms nowadays use global positioning system, GPS that enables them to track the locations and routes of the drivers. Firms also...

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    2015-05-31 17:09:50

    it's a good report overall. the writer is very polite and cooperative.

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  • Barclays Business Strategy

    Case study / Business studies / Rookie/Sophomore / 4 pages

    It also established direct contact and personal relationships with over a quarter of all businesses in the UK. By the end of that year, it had become the world’s first index fund. It was managing assets worth over 529 billion Euros.

    Another internal feature is to do with management.

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    2015-06-16 17:03:38

    great. Thank you

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  • National Commercial Bank and Saudi...

    Term paper / Finance / Undergraduate / 10 pages

    Usury is Interest charged by banks as a cost of them giving the money so that you can undertake in activity you couldn’t have without the money given. The country’s banking sector is monitored and regulated Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency (SAMA) which sets the banking policies. This regulatory body also has the responsibility of...

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    2014-11-17 17:00:04

    All the questions were answered. 

    Writer followed my grading criterias.

    Thank you

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  • Oil Supply and Demand

    Term paper / Economics / Rookie/Sophomore / 5 pages

    Conversely, as the price of oil decreases, the supply of oil also decreases. This is because; most producers would be looking to cut on the cost of production while still retaining their market share. However, this rule does not always apply since some low-cost producers take this opportunity to gain more market share from higher cost...

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    2015-04-05 16:53:45


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