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  • Air pollution

    Essay (any type) / Biology (and other Life sciences) / Undergraduate / 1 pages

    In summation, the article was well written from the point of illustrating the need to reduce air pollution. However, it did not change my opinion on the issue as the data and information was poorly represented. The authors should have been more detailed in illustrating the relationship between the air pollution and the death. However, I...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-10-01 19:00:44

    masterpiece. thanks guys

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  • Vicksburg

    Essay (any type) / History / Undergraduate / 2 pages

    Abraham Lincoln referred to Vicksburg as a key. In addition, he stated that the war can never be won until the key is secured. Even the Confederate President Jefferson Davis acknowledged the strategic importance of Vicksburg. He stated that “it is a nail head that holds the two halves of the South together” (Shea & Winschel,...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-08-04 20:00:38

    My instrucror had no questions. I am fully satisfied. Thank you, saviours!

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  • Nurse sensitive indicators

    Essay (any type) / Nursing / Undergraduate / 3 pages

    The use of electronic information storage devices is one of the most popular changes in the health care industry. The approach has been found to improve the prognosis of the patients and the employee satisfaction. Technology in the healthcare industry has enabled the institutions to store data of different aspects of care and use this this data...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-07-07 19:00:50

    My essay is well-written. Writer is kind and cooperative, agreed to incorporate some minor corrections and extra paragraph.

    Will use hi, for further papers)

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  • Epidemiology

    Research paper / Medicine / Undergraduate / 2 pages

    Snow also carried out studies of the sources of infection such as the water from the pumps and wells. Through this research, he was able to discover that the majority of infections and deaths were near the Broad street pump. The Soho District study illustrated the difference in the distribution of infection in the area. In particular, there was...

    Customer’s feedback

    2015-06-23 18:30:30

    A beautifully written paper as always. Thank you

    Questions are answered in a timely manner. Kudos!

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